4 Suburbs Perfect for Families in North Texas

North Texas has earned its reputation as one of the fastest growing and most desirable places to live in the country. As families look for the perfect suburb to call home, the region offers an array of options that cater to various needs and preferences. What makes a suburb ideal for families?

1. Location Matters: Proximity to major roadways is crucial for minimizing commute times and staying connected to city life.

2. Amenities and Entertainment: Booming suburbs offer a plethora of choices for restaurants, shopping, and entertainment, as well as parks, walking trails and community pools for outdoor activities.

3. Quality Education: A+ quality schools are a priority for families, ensuring their children receive the best education possible.

4. Safety: Choosing a suburb with a commitment to safety provides peace of mind for families putting down roots.

5. Diverse Housing Options: Recognizing that households come in various forms, from growing families to empty nesters, suburbs with diverse housing options cater to different lifestyle needs.

The following suburbs in North Texas stand out for meeting those key factors:

1. Celina

As a growing suburb, Celina offers a blend of small-town charm and modern amenities. Families moving to Celina find themselves amidst a flourishing community with easy access to major highways. The city’s commitment to parks and recreational spaces ensures there’s always room for outdoor family activities.

CB JENI Communities: Celina Hills

2. Frisco

Known for its rapid development, Frisco stands at the forefront of corporate relocations and entertainment venue construction. With an eye on the future, families settling in Frisco can enjoy an array of dining options, shopping experiences and trendy leisure spots. The city’s commitment to safety and top-quality schools further solidifies its appeal for families.

CB JENI communities: The Grove Frisco, Village on Main Street

3. McKinney

McKinney, a top-ranking city for multiple factors, including affordability, economic environment, and safety, is an ideal choice for families. The city’s diverse communities cater to various household needs, whether it’s a growing family, empty nesters or individuals looking for a pet-friendly environment.

CB JENI communities: Painted Tree – Village District, Painted Tree – Woodlands District

4. Allen

Conveniently located near major roadways, Allen offers an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle while keeping residents well-connected. Proximity to A+ quality schools, alongside parks, walking trails and community pools, makes it a haven for families seeking a balanced lifestyle.

CB JENI Communities: Twin Creeks Watters (coming soon)

North Texas, with its dynamic and family-friendly suburbs, provides an ideal environment for those looking to make a move. Search quick-move homes or explore floorplans to find the perfect home that suits your family’s needs in North Texas.